Speech, Language, Feeding & Augmentative Communication

Speech, Language, Feeding & Augmentative Communication


Looking for Occupational and Physical Therapy services?

Check out Kid Sense Therapy!

Kid Sense Therapy is a multidisciplinary practice dedicated to helping kids thrive in all stages of development. Services include occupational therapy, physical therapy and developmental therapy. Services are provided in the clinic, home, and daycare.
Kid Sense Therapy practices from a sensory/motor framework. We believe all learning comes from our senses: touch, sound, taste, sight, smell and movement. We provide therapy techniques rich in sensory motor experiences in order to help kids process information from their environment effectively and succeed in life.

Sue Powell, OTR/L

Fax: 919.263.9605


Visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website www.asha.org for more information regarding speech and language development and disorders.

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